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This webpage will be about information from the past, present, and future. It will include different news events of the past and present. This website will include service or product reviews either researched or personally reviews by your truly, Kargaletta Lolita Davis. There may include services or products that are noteworthy product/services or complained product/services from different customers that may need attention.

The news topics will include historical information about the different incorporations of states, counties, towns, villages, and towns. The different constitutions from the different states and some of the territorial laws. The different statutes to discover if those statutes correlate with the original act that was incorporated. If those statutes conflict with the constitution for different particular states. If those original acts conflict with the clumped up statutes. How those statutes conflict with the original act/s. Furthermore, if those act/s, statute/s, constitutions, or ordinance entitle different alleged branches of government, for example, the executive branch, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, the administrative branch, and the other unelected branches and agencies based on the foundation of the original constitutions. (note all of these different topics will take some time to assemble.)

The next set of news will be the current news on a local level, county level, administrative level, executive level, legislative level, state level, and federal level. The primary targeted local level will be the city of Madison and the primary targeted state level will be Wisconsin. (This may or may not include different areas of news of importance for different continental locations throughout these united states or territories of North America.)

Feel free to send a message, subscribe to newsletters, or even donate. All donations are greatly appreciated. This website will eventually include affiliate links for different product, services, or ads to primarily help with the cost of maintaining the website. You can either choose to click the sponsor/affiliate link or search on google for any product or services.

Any information discussed on this website or are only my own observations and I am not an elected or unelected lawyer/attorney/power of attorney, or counsellor on any level, any alleged elected or unelected executive or administrator, alleged elected or unelected judge/justice/judicial officer or court, alleged elected or unelected legislator, alleged elected or unelected secretary of state, alleged elected or unelected mayor, common council, city officer on no level, alleged elected or unelected county official on no level, alleged elected or unelected town official on no level, alleged elected or unelected village official on no level, and the list could go on for days, but you should get my drift.

Any information, product, or services discussed on this website or is for educational purposes only for the different news, laws, statutes, or etc…; therefore, please do you own research to discovery the truth for yourself.

Any product or services that I have personally experienced or discovered, are my own personal observations and opinions, which if the product or services are trash/garbage or wonderful/great; then, I will try/give my honest opinion. However, the majority of anything discussed about different news of the past or present will be based on the written facts observed. Moreover, some of the information will have/come with those receipts/proof from first hand knowledge, which is evidence of the facts.

Lastly, I hope eventually that this website and will help those that are confused, like me, about different aspects of things that affect their lives or their family’s life. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to assist others, in my type of situation or have experienced the things/issues, that may be mentioned throughout both websites, and to be helpful and save a lot of time that I have wasted to help/assist myself.

Over the last 9 years, I have been studied the information discussed about different states, acts, constitutions, and etc. Previous to the last 9 years of continuous studying, I have studied the majority of this same information off and on for approximately 4-5 years; therefore, I have been studying this information for about 13 years. However, again, please do your own research and all/any of this information is extremely complex. Everyday or anything learned might bring a different perspective on a different day; therefore, nothing is absolute on being 100% correct based on my own opinion, because I could be wrong. However, again, and again, I am usually 99.9% correct based on my observation, research, and opinion depending on the subject matter, and sometimes, I might catch that .01% error. If you believe there is an error; then, please let me know your thoughts, observation, proof, facts, or evidence.

I appreciate the views to this website or from my current and future fans, current and future haters. It has been the haters’ attitude, opinion, or negativity that has helped me grow as a natural individual/human being intellectually with garbage that benefits them or their families; therefore, thank you haters for wasting my time so that I can make sure that you will not waste anyone else’s time, money, or career again.

Those same haters have interfered with my life, my career, my livelihood, my education, my income, and my natural children’s life on every level; therefore, I will make sure that they are exposed to the fullest, with those/dem receipts!

Safe safe, be blessed, and continue, somehow, to be positive despite all the negativity around the world.


Kargaletta Lolita Davis


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