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Statute at Large, United States Codes, and More Video





This video shows primary the webpages for “Statute at Large, United States Code, and short example of territorial laws for Wisconsin, in the beginning.

The difference between legal evidence on the federal level, the difference between positive titles and non-positive titles for about 53 titles of the united states code. In order to know the ending, you have to studying the beginning.

Please Note ***: (Added Message) This was my first time using “Screen Rec and Open Shot.” I usually post my videos with minimal editing of how I use the software for the first time to get the audience a real view of use. I originally did not sign up for “Screen Rec,” so recording for 5 minutes went quicker than I thought, because I did not want to sign up for the free cloud account/free registration process. “Screen Rec” gives up to 2 GB of “free private and secure cloud storage and your videos and screen shots are encrypted with 128-bit AES algorithm to share a private link.” In addition, this software allows unlimited time, after registering for the free private cloud account, and no watermarks of free recordings and audio recording. The “Open Shot” allows for unlimited editing and no watermarks for their free software. Both “Screen Rec and Open Shot” were easy to use for my first time. However, for the first time using “Screen Rec” trying to use the mouse or touchpad was difficult for me, as you can see in the video, so this will take some practice.

This is not sponsored by “Screen Rec or Open Shot,” this is for those with limited resources and need something to assist their You Tube journey.

Hopefully, this is helpful and share any helpful things or ideas for others.

Links to websites shown in the video:

1. (this is same version, but in the video, the act came from a different site, usually for any statute, it is best to find it from the “state’s” website.

2. 3. 

Extra more organized for the statute at large: 


Free Software Mentioned:



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You should probably use sometime different to add music or edit. I believe the editing feature has been limited by YouTube and I guess the previous feature a few years ago was better, but no have been discontinued.

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