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Do you like to shop?  Well, you are in luck.  Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your wallet.  We all know how that goes none stop shopping for the ladies and guys.

This page will have different products or services for you to select.  I will have a separation between the products that I have used or recommend and the products recommended by different advertisers.   I will have different affiliated links, from various sources such as being an Amazon Associate and I will earn a commission on qualifying purchases, and may be other affiliated links from different affiliated marketing.  Therefore, I will receive a commission, percentage, or whatever for anyone clinking on my links (you are free to find these product or services on your own, if you do not agree).

I will also try out my “Teespring” shop with my different creative design, patterns, or colors for those that want to contribute or support vs donating. Check one of my stores @