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Product Review: Multi-Pod/Tripod, 6 in 1 Tripod, Money Saver!

     This is a decent priced tripod for beginners. This is my experience trying to use this tripod with limited instructions.

     This was my first time using this product, so bare with me 😭. This multi-tripod has a remote Bluetooth button and this allows stopping/starting whatever mode from the camera (photos or recording), so that is pretty convenient.

     The company “Bower, Inc” based on their website appears to make pretty decent products. I had personal never heard of them, before purchasing this product and the instructions tell you “to read the instructions, before using the product.”

     This was not a paid endorsement. This is for mostly beginners who blog or want to record/take photos. The apps used for this video were “Intro Maker and Glitch Cam.” Both apps are free with watermarks.

     Glitch Cam will take some watermarks off, if you watch an ad. The paid version, of course, takes off the watermarks and gives you better features.

     Don’t forget to knock out that subscribe button.

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