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Don’t Blame the Messenger; Blame Him Over Der!

     These fake artificial entities, corporations, organizations, and etc., have created multiple monopolies against the land, businesses, money, families, food, housing, education, and pretty much everything that human beings are entitled.
     They have illegally given themselves fake privileges and highly reward anyone helping with their corruption.
     There is no proper process or procure for or against these tax exempt departments, entities, corporations, or profit or non-profit organizations that are basically stealing your money and personal information for their benefit. The benefit of at least 6 figure salaries or more.
     Concealing your information from at 75 to 100 years. From birth to 100 years these people are using your personal information and changing the information to make themselves the “creator” of your re-created identity.
     Use your body, mind, and soul for their deceitful and corrupt ways. Your body, mind, and soul belongs to you, and we are not a fake human beings, artificial corporations or entities.
     Entities, artificial human beings, nor corporations need food, housing, education, medicine, vaccines, or pills for pain. An entity or corporation does not need water, housing, clothing, cars, buildings, land.
     An actual human being/humanity needs or requires these necessities for him or herself, family, or business, in order to survive.
     When these departments, alleged employees, organizations, corporations refuse to acknowledge you or your family; then they are intentionally causing genocide against humanity.
Primary this is done against women and her natural children (the alleged “bastards” identity that they need as a get out of prison or jail free card).
     In addition, all these departments, entities, judges, legislators, states, countries, different continents, cities, towns, or villages are pretending that only white men and foreigner men from other continents own the land, own everyone’s body, owns everyone’s identity, owns everyone’s money, owns everyone’s natural children, owns all the food, own all women, own both sexes, and etc., which is further from the truth.
     That both the white man and foreign man had a right to want or require anything due to their own personal choice, by oath, which was to deny their own existence, in the beginning and continuing.
     Between the white men and foreign men intentionally giving up their families, birthrights, mother’s identity, and steal everyone else’s identity through the scam of pretending to be “government”, intentionally physically or financial harm being done to them, because of wanting to be an artificial person, fake body corporate, or allowed to steal other family’s identities, suppress other people’s history and culture.
     These laws were written intentionally against whomever they substitute for their place, and written them for wanting bankruptcy courts, jails, and prisons. By using tricky to have people vote on their behalf, now you are subject to the laws, because you have voted for any law to be used against you. Your voting allows for them to “manage your affairs, manage your life, manage your money,” because you cannot do this on your own.     
     You are voting, because YOU cannot control yourself; therefore, you are voting to be managed. No one under the laws can write the law! You are voting to replace the representatives, while they write laws and rules on their behalf for you to be subject based on voting to be a substitute.
     This was for their own selfish benefit, because they were skimming, embezzling, extorting, causing huge amounts of debt everywhere and transferring their trillion or gillion dollars of debt allegedly borrow from the public or private without permission or lawful authority, cause major depressions, oppression others to take care of them by physically, mental, and financial force, and more against others with no justification of their reasoning for being so destructive and corrupt against humanity.
     Furthermore, this misleading, unethical, immortal, corrupt, and illegally behavior has an unnatural and bias following among their fake degrees, licenses and certificates followers, uneducated gangs/bullies, uncaring, selfish, families, friends/peers, and strangers, who want to be cool, by teaching/forever recruiting, others this retarded and suicidal mentality by human beings pretending to be actual fake corporation body individuals, entities, artificial human beings, and a bunch dangerous begging/blood sucking leeches, con-artist snakes, who have no type of honor, trust, loyalty, identity, heart, soul, un-corrupted mind, integrity for themselves, God, or anyone else. Harsh, yeah, I know, but these people are die-harded/brainwashed cult.
     They don’t care about who, what, or where their actions or lack of actions affect the whole community. This is a messed up situation and any type of correction, who knows the outcome of the future. They do and the majority of them already know the truth about the truth concerning reality, but….
     They care about no one, not even themselves, but they force humanity into their cultish behavior and those that disagree or do not follow their inhumane behavior are picked upon, harassed, oppressed, stalked, and without the basic necessities in human life, because of the following cultish gang click, who pretend that they do no wrong, pretend to be perfect without flaws, but cry about health care, housing, food, education, and etc., for their “perfect selves.”
     Refusing to acknowledge providing services to the public or true access to those benefits that humanity is entitled, and intentionally denying to all across the globe what “we/public/humanity” are entitled by God and human nature to have for OUR needs, not for their fake artificial names, buildings, schools, and fake documentation. This is regardless of skin complexion, age, sex, or whatever, period!
     One would think or believe that these alleged “judicial branches, legislative branches, executive branches, supreme, inferior, or in-between” whether alleged states, federal, counties, cities, villages, or towns would assist in correcting this dumb, retarded, dysfunctional, or absolutely illegally mentality, but NO! (However, I could be wrong, maybe it’s a secret, maybe they are somehow, by a miracle, correcting things? Maybe, wishful thinking, okay well, there is always something called, “faith,” the things hope for, but not yet seen 🤷)
And Why Not? Because this behavior gets them residual and reoccurring income throughout generations without them actually working for “the public’s good or safety,” doing absolutely nothing continuously for centuries and more without correcting the non-existent remedy for human beings.
     This type of behavior, which are extremely sick, mental ill mind-games, are extremely annoying, mentally, physically, and financially draining, because it is not like these same human beings, (are pretending to be corporations or entities, or their favorite word, “civil”), cannot not have the same thing as actually human beings.
     It appears that they do not believe them or other human beings should have anything and everybody is disposal and worthless. They actually get upset over any human being identifying their true identities.
     I dare you to try to place or correct your real birth name, dob, and etc on any documents, into their fake computer system or documents. They will refuse to correct over and over; therefore, trying to deny your identity and what any human beings are entitled by law and nature.
     Forget about that “equity or civil crap,” this allows for them to steal, easily, by “default judgment!” These courts aren’t for “human beings,” they are never a court of record; thereby, stealing everyone’s money, finger prints, land, medical benefits, housing benefits, educational benefits, employment opportunities, or whatever they want on their super fake documentation, without any type of legal or lawful authority. 
#Real Facts, 
#Real Issues,
#Dealing w/ their #Fake Controversies
     These people are in the same category, basically making a personal decision and collectively who can be considered human beings, what human beings can eat, how human beings should live, because apparently these fake retardos believe that all human beings should live outside without shelter, and if human beings may/might/shall have shelter by/with their blessings; then forcing human beings to live in condemned buildings, disgusting water, eat spoiled food from pantries, refusing to acknowledging real human beings’ accomplishments, force human beings to walk across the city, (while apparently corporations/artificial human beings/entities can travel/drive) forcing human beings to take, buy, re-buy, their crappy services or products, force everyone into fake contracts, demands, or agreements (that are positively filled with fraud or deceit).
     These people are like roaches and leeches. They are going to make it their business to get on everyone’s last nerve; whether directly or indirectly somehow, because this type of sickness excites them, for whatever reason, to be absolutely positively annoying.
     It excites them to be able to have a 99.99% following or a headless/heartless/soulless/alleged bankrupt inflated population of “0 whole numbers.”
     They scream, yell, cry, and whine about the 1%. It is the 1% that probably do not follow them. It is probably the 1% that are not in their delusional lala land. It’s the 1% that do not want to go to their “Neverland!”
     I personally do not understand how or why they have such a large following of people pretending to be white men, slaves, or whatever, but this type of ideology needs a serious reality check.
     Any white or foreign man agreeing with this type of delusional stupidity is agreeing to take the downfall for nothing but criminals, compulsive liars, and thieves, when the “truth shall be revealed!”
     What sane white or foreign white man would want to claim all debt everywhere, all criminal charges everywhere, regardless of jurisdiction.
     What white or foreign white man wants to die for all these fake people? That’s what could happen if the whole world was nothing, but a white men and foreign white men.
     It would mean a white woman or a foreign white woman would never be able to protect her own natural children, just like every other woman should have this natural right, regardless of skin complexion.
     All men, if they so choose voluntarily, because nothing should ever be forced, can help protect the women against this type of corruption or evilness, even though people of the past cause and people foolishly continue this type of ideology.
     I personally believe that men can/could handle the different forms of evilness, better than a woman.
This type of corruption is physically, spiritual, mental, and financial. Men should not use this type of evilness against the population, or primarily mother’s, because if all mother’s are theoretically placed in the category of “common law;” then every other category, such a civil, cannon, admiralty, maritime, or common are not jurisdictions that any woman created, but are dealing with fictitious jurisdictions going against every woman, with no assistance and forced under different fictitious jurisdictions, without consent.
     Human beings cannot vote for something fake, period. Entities, corporations, artificial human beings cannot write, read, spend, sell, or etc.
I want taught that “Jesus” was supposed to be enough for these people. I guess that was a lie, not when they want the whole population. I was also taught that this was what “Satan” wants people’s mind, body, souls, land, resources, and etc., but those resources, souls, bodies, land, or whatever does not belong to him or his/her children.
     This is more spiritual, I believe, as far as children. There are two categories mentioned, which are alleged, “God’s children or Satan’s children”. Kind of difficult to know who’s God’s children, because the people claiming might have a secret agenda.
     I do not know what neither side are doing, because everything is extremely fake, people pretending to be God’s or Satan’s children.
People do not have a problem with “civil marriages,” but do not believe in God. That makes sense. People who do not believe in God, but agree with the fake jurisdiction that basically target religions, whether the religion of believing in Satan or God.
     Both and all religion are definitely targeted, because it controls both!
#Jesus Already Died,
#Get Out of Civil,
#Reality check,
#The Population is not God or Jesus,
#Take Ur Spiritual, Physically, Mental Wars Somewhere,
#They Are Not God’s Army
#Take Satan and Your Cult w/ U!
#What You Think is Best for Humanity Should be Best for You!
#Don‘t Be Fooled
#They Target Both Religions!

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