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Cause of Modern Day Slavery & the Entities Behind It.

Adopting Adults & Children” Child Welfare Info Gateway. (2020).

Who may adopt, be adopted, or place a child for adoption. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau.

     Who May Be Adopted Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 48.81; 882.01 Any child present in the State may be adopted if any of the following criteria are met: Both the child’s parents are deceased.

The parental rights of both the child’s parents have been terminated. The parental rights of one of the child’s parents have been terminated, and the child’s other parent is deceased.

The person filing the petition for adoption is the spouse of the child’s parent with whom the child and the child’s parent reside and either of the following applies:–The child’s other parent is deceased.–The parental rights of the child’s other parent with respect to the child have been terminated.

An adult may be adopted by any other adult who is a resident.

The Department of Children and Families, a county department, or a licensed child welfare agency may place a child for adoption in a licensed foster home without a court order or if the department or agency is the guardian of the child or makes the placement at the request of another agency that is the guardian of the child, if the investigation made under § 48.75(3) has been supplemented to evaluate whether the home is suitable for the child, and if the proposed adoptive parents have completed the required preadoption preparation or the department or agency determines that the proposed adoptive parents are not required to complete that preparation. In placing an Indian child for adoption, the department, county department, or child welfare agency shall comply with the order of placement preference under § 48.028, unless the department, county department, or child welfare agency finds good cause for departing from that order.

A parent having custody of a child may place the child for adoption in the home of a relative of the child without a court order.

When the proposed adoptive parents of a child reside in this State and are not relatives of the child, a parent having custody of a child and the proposed adoptive parents may petition the court for placement of the child for adoption in the home of the proposed adoptive parents if the home is licensed as a foster home.”

Therefore, they change the mother’s and her children’s identity to fund their fraud, with the assistance of the judges, clerk of courts, the state bar members by creating fake statutes under “civil and administrative laws/jurisdiction,” because they are pretending to be God.

By stealing the resources and land from the whole population. The land and our resources are what God left from human being to survive. God is not an “entity” nor is God a corporation nor does God have corporate children or a corporate population. Entities/corporations are forcing God under their fake jurisdictions and laws for their pure greed!


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